Student Internships

Since 2015, Bard students have participated in a summer internship program about hate. After a preparatory text study on hate, students spend the summer with a nongovernmental organization, not only working against hatred, but also examining how that organization understands and addresses hatred, how it measures success, what additional scholarship would be useful for its work, and writing a report of their findings and analysis (past reports through 2019 are here — more recent ones are at the bottom of this page). Interns support each other over the summer with regular online discussions. Students have interned with the Southern Poverty Law Center, PEN America, the Montana Human Rights Network, Political Research Associates, the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights, Human Rights First, Women Wage Peace, International Rescue Committee, and elsewhere. (Current list of possible placements [subject to change] with direct links to their websites, is at bottom of this page.)

Awards vary based on the length, cost, merit and number of applications, and can be anywhere up to $3,000 dollars. Generally, summer internships range in length from 10 to 12 weeks.

Information on applications for summer 2025 is below.

Application Requirements

The internship application consists of the following:

1. A brief statement of purpose (between one and three pages)

2. A completed internship form.

3. A budget proposal (living and transportation expenses, if applicable)

4. A transcript or list of courses taken to date

5, A letter of recommendation from a faculty member (the faculty member should send the letter directly to BCSH).

Questions? Email or call BCSH Director Kenneth Stern – [email protected], 718-503-4441.

The application submission deadline is March 10, 2025. Email to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected].


Internships may be possible with the following organizations, among others (list is subject to change – and BCSH is open to other appropriate placements):

Anti-Defamation League

Center for American Progress

Center for Popular Democracy

Council on American-Islamic Relations (NY Chapter)


Human Rights Campaign

Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights

International Rescue Committee

Japanese American Citizens League

Montana Human Rights Network

National Network for Arab American Communities

Never Again

PEN America

Political Research Associates

Rural Organizing Project

Scholars At Risk

Southern Poverty Law Center

Syrian Archive

Western States Center


2023 Internships:

Blanche Darr interned with the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. Blanche’s report is here.

Smriddhi Nair interned with the International Rescue Committee. Smriddhi’s report is here.

Sarah Seager interned with Bard economics professor Michael Martell. Sarah’s report is here.

2022 Internships:

Christin Alhalabi interned with International Womens* Space (Berlin). Christin’s report is here.

Elisa Littin interned with PEN America. Elisa’s report is here.

Huba Zaman interned with Scholars At Risk. Huba’s report is here.

2021 Internships:

Elias Ephron interned with PEN America. Elias’ report is here.

Lea Glaenzer interned with the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. Lea’s report is in two parts: a description of her work, and an audio interview with an IREHR leader.

2020 Internships:

Amber Fowlie interned with the Syrian Archives. Amber’s report is here.

Maya Aga is interning with Political Research Associates. Maya’s report is here.

Nisa Danitz is interning (on a special project) with the Bard Center for the Study of Hate. Nisa’s report is here.

Arlo O’Blaney is interning  with the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. Arlo’s report is here.