In the Media

August 25, 2023, Book on Princeton Syllabus Sparks Conflict, Sara Weissman, Inside Higher Ed

August 21, 2023, What Does the ADL Stand for Today?,  Eric Alterman, The New Republic,

July 7, 2023, SEN. ED SETZLER: Getting serious about antisemitism, Marietta Daily Journal.

July 1, 2023, Academic Freedom, Boycotts and Democracy, Kenneth Stern,  University of the Pacific Law Review, Volume 54

May 18, 2023, The Right and Wrong Ways for US Officials to Approach the Fight Against Antisemitism,  Dylan J. Williams, J Street

May 18, 2023, Preaching Tolerance Abroad, as Hatred Surges at Home, Elizabeth Williamson, New York Times

May 3, 2023, Jewish Americans Speak Out About Living With Antisemitism, As told to Jane Eisner, AARP Magazine.

April 5, 2023, Speaker Outlines Difficulties of Defining Antisemitism, Julia Gentin, The Amherst Student

April 4, 2023, The ADL’s Antisemitism Findings, Explained. Mari Cohen, Jewish Currents

March 29, 2023, Examining the True Cost of Hate Crimes, Hudson Valley Press

March 24, 2023, Campus leaders react to growing antisemitic vandalism, harassment, Danielle McLean, Higher Education Dive

March 19, 2023, New Study Measures Annual Cost of Hate Crimes WAMC interview with Michael Martell

January 13, 2023, Sea Change or Small Step Toward Interreligious Inclusion?, Sara Weissman, Inside Higher Ed

November 25, 2022, Both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian students feel under siege on campus. Who’s right?, Canadian Jewish News podcast Bonjour Chai

November 3, 2022, A closer look at 2022’s Take Action Against Hate Award recipients, Madeline Ricks, The Gonzaga Bulletin

October 26, 2022, Why Do We Hate Each Other?, Sara Weissman, Inside Higher Ed

October 14, 2022, In Internal Memo, American Jewish Committee Blasts Op-Ed on “Jewish-Free Zones” at Berkeley Law, Mari Cohen, Jewish Currents

October 6, 2022, Gonzaga Center for the Study of Hate announces 2022 Lassman “Take Action Against Hate Awards” Gonzaga University Press Release

October 3, 2022, Congress offers blunt message on antisemitism, hate: ‘We’re losing’, Alexander Nazaryan, Yahoo News

October 3, 2022, Anti-hate experts call on feds to step up against rising antisemitism, Dana DiFilippo, New Jersey Monitor

October 3, 2022, Written Testimony of Kenneth Stern before US House Homeland Security Committee

October 3, 2022, Oral Testimony of Kenneth Stern before US House Homeland Security Committee

September 12, 2022, Bard gives award for helping fight Taliban’s hate, Quin Hillyer, Washington Examiner

September 1, 2022, Yes it may hurt, but campus groups have the right to exclude Zionists, Kenneth Stern, Times of Israel

July 27, 2022, USC Faces Investigation Over Alleged Student Harassment, Liam Know, Inside Higher Ed

June 3, 2022, Conversations Across Difference, Sara Weismann, Inside Higher Ed

May 26, 2022, 8 tips to help journalists cover antisemitism — and avoid inadvertently perpetuating antisemitic stereotypes, Jordon Fenster, The Journalist’s Resource

May 18, 2022, Random upsurge in right-wing insurgency proves there’s nothing new under the sun, Gregg Reese, Our Weekly (Los Angeles)

April 26, 2022, Three States Push to Curb Pro-Palestine Activism, Isaac Scher, Jewish Currents

March 11, 2022, Hate’s legacy: Neo-Nazi group adopts language, iconography of the past in North Idaho, prompting human rights response, Kip Hill, Spokesman Review

February 28, 2022, G.O.P. Leaders Condemn Lawmakers’ Appearance at White Nationalist Conference, Jonathan Weisman and Annie Karni, New York Times

February 12, 2022, The Israel/Palestine Campus Debate, Kenneth Stern, The Honest Critique (YouTube)

February 8, 2022, Conflict Over the Conflict, Kenneth Stern, Eureka Street

January 25, 2022,  Antisemitism rests on intent not motive. It’s clear from the IHRA Definition, Kenneth Stern, Times of Israel

January 6, 2022, Local politics have taken on a new tone in Maine since Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Lia Russell, Bangor Daily News

December 17, 2021, Robert Siegel, formerly of NPR, interviews Kenneth Stern (and others) about rising antisemitism.

December 8, 2021, Report of the University of Toronto Anti-Semitism Working Group.

September 29, 2021, State of Hate Index Released by Bard Center, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

July 27, 2021, Biden’s Pick for Antisemitism Envoy Will Need to Answer These Tough Questions. Kenneth Stern, The Forward

June 14, 2021, Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism, and the Fallacy of Bright Lines, Kenneth Stern, The Institute for National Security Studies

June 2, 2021, New surge in attacks on Jews raises old question: How do we fight antisemitism? Mya Jaradat, Deseret News

May 25, 2021, HATE! Why it’s so prevalent in our society and what can we do about it. Kenneth Stern in Episode 7 of “Giving Insights” podcast of Strategic Philanthropies.

May 12, 2021, BCSH written submission to the UK Parliament Human Rights (Joint Committee)’s inquiry, Freedom of Expression accepted and published.

April 28, 2021, Panel on IHRA Antisemitism Definition Rankles, Jesse Bernstein, The Jewish Exponent

March 11, 2021, Interview with Kenneth Stern and Nadine Strossen, The Philanthropy Roundtable

March 10, 2021, The recent upsurge in right-wing insurgency just proves there’s nothing new under the sun, Gregg Reese, OurWeekly

March 4, 2021, How to debate BDS on campus? Jonathan Marks says be reasonable, Kenneth Stern, Times of Israel

February 10, 2021, We disagree about the working definition. That’s ok. Here’s what’s not. Kenneth Stern, The Times of Israel

January 26, 2021, Thirty-nine words about antisemitism are splitting the Jewish community, Arno Rosenfeld, The Forward

January 25, 2021, How to Fight Anti-Semitism: The most common answers focus on hate crimes law and education Here are nine others, by Kenneth Stern,

January 22, 2021, What Zoom Does to Campus Conflicts Over Israel and Free Speech, John Leland, New York Times

January 19, 2021, Can America inoculate against the dire threat of ‘us vs. them’?, Kenneth Stern, Times of Israel

January 15, 2021, The IHRA definition of anti-Semitism and why people are fighting over it, explained, Ben Sales, Forward

January 11, 2021, A Fraught Balancing Act, Greta Anderson, Inside Higher Education

January 4, 2021, We Need Better Ways to Speak to Each Other about Campus Antisemitism and Israel, Kenneth Stern, JewThink(UK)

December 24, 2020, “How do we deal with white supremacy moving forward? A hate expert has some thoughts.” Interview with Kenneth Stern on 2020 Talks, Pacifica Network and Public News Service

December 14, 2020, How Experts Say Biden Should Respond to The Last Four Years of Rising Antisemitism, Arno Rosenfeld, The Forward

December 10, 2020, Jewish Federations Urge Biden to Promote Controversial Definition of Antisemitism, Mari Cohen, Jewish Currents

December 9, 2020, Steering the Biden Administration Wrong on Antisemitism, Kenneth Stern, Times of Israel

December 7, 2020, Get Smart: A Review of Kenneth Stern’s “The Conflict over The Conflict,” Jonathan Marks, Minding The Campus

November 26, 2020, Critical Thinking on Israel, not Coddling, Needed for Jewish University Students: Expert, Steve Arnold, Canadian Jewish Record

November 23, 2020 Zionism is not racism; BDS Isn’t Always Antisemitism, Kenneth Stern, Times of Israel

November 23, 2020 US listing of BDS as anti-Semitic sparks freedom-of-speech debate, Ephrem Kossaify, Arab News

October 16, 2020 Examined Zionism: Mira Sucharov and Belonging, Kenneth Stern, Times of Israel

September 7, 2020 If Trump Wins — Or Loses — Expect More Right-Wing Violence,  Stewart Ain, Forward

June 23, 2020, Efforts to Curb Online Hate Meet Concerns Over Free Speech, Stewart Ain, Jewish Week

May 26, 2020, Coronavirus:  In the United States, far-right and conspirators in ambush, Thomas Seymat, Euronews

April 21, 2020, Is the crisis on college campuses over Israel overblown? Amy Spiro, Jewish Insider

April 11, 2020, “What Is The Relationship Between Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism?” Pairagraph conversation between Shany Mor and Kenneth Stern

March 1, 2020, Stifling free speech isn’t necessary to combat anti-Semitism, Elizabeth Heineman, Des Moines Register

January 14, 2020, A Conversation with Kenneth S. Stern, ShelfAwareness

January 14, 2020, Columbia Complaint Tests Limits of Anti-Zionist Speech, Stewart Ain, New York Jewish Week

January 9, 2020, The Scholar Who Wrote the Definition of Anti-Semitism Says It’s Been Subverted, Eric Cortellessa, Times of Israel

December 19, 2019, White House Explains to Haaretz How Its anti-Semitism Executive Order Will Work in Practice, Amir Tibon, Haaretz

December 19, 2019, Ken Stern and Rabbi Andrew Baker on the origins of the IHRA definition on antisemitism and its application today,JI Staff, Jewish Insider

December 17, 2019Trump Targets Anti-Semitism: ‘Game Changer’ Or ‘Disaster’?, Stewart Ain, NY Jewish Week

December 16, 2019, Trump’s Anti-Semitism Executive Order Undermines Campus Free Speech, Tyler Coward, National Review.

December 16, 2019 What Trump’s Executive Order Means for Anti-Semitism in the U.S., The Takeaway, WNYC, with Kenneth Stern and Yair Rosenberg

December 13, 2019 I Drafted the Definition, Rightwing Jews are Weaponizing It by Kenneth S. Stern, Guardian

December 11, 2019 Interview with Kenneth Stern on CBS radio in Los Angeles (at 8:59)

December 11, 2019 Trump is Not Defining Antisemitism Correctly, Says Author of Antisemitism Definition, Noah Kulwin, The

November 8, 2019 Strong democracy is essential to combating forms of hate, antisemitism expert says, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill College of Arts and Science

October 25, 2019, Anti-Semitic Crimes on the Rise in the U.S. (interview of Kenneth Stern), tv

October 21, 2019, Hate expert Kenneth Stern talks about anti-Semitism in Jewish Lecture Series, by Rachel Sawicki,  The Review

October 17, 2019, Revealed: rightwing push to ban criticism of Israel on US campuses, by Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

October 15, 2019, Anti-Semitism, Bard and Me, byTamar Wyschogrod, Times of Israel

October 14, 2019, Anti-Semitism At the Bard Conference? When Early Reports Don’t Tell the Whole Story about a Protest, by Jeffrey C. Isaac, Public Seminar

October 14, 2019, Batya Ungar-Sargon links anti-Zionists to David Duke and synagogue murders, by Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss

October 14, 2019, What Really Happened at Bard College? by Mairav Zonszein, Jewish Currents

October 13, 2019, I Was at the Bard Anti-Semitism Panel, and Saw Deep Disagreement, not Singling Out of Jews, by Kenneth S. Stern, Forward

September 20, 2019,  Bard College Receives $165,000 Grant for Center Focused on Combating Hate, by Sarah Wood, Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

September 12, 2019, Bard Has New Award for Beth Rickey, Heroine Against Hate by Quin Hillyer, Washington Examiner.

August 7, 2019 There’s an old word for Trump’s brand of nationalism: “Hatriotism” by Samuel G. Freedman, Guardian

July 27, 2019  Is B.D.S. Anti-Semitic? A Closer Look at the Boycott Israel Campaign by David M. Halbfiner, Michael Wines, and Steve Erlanger (NY Times)

Summer, 2019 Antisemitism Through a Hate Studies Lens by Kenneth S. Stern (Peace Chronicle — page 30)

July 18, 2019 Fighting Antisemitism on Campus by Larry Yudelson (Jewish Standard)

June 20, 2019 Jewish Trademark on Concentration Campus?  (TTN blog)

June 11, 2019 Anti-Semitism Expert Offers Best Practices for Combating Hate, by Martin Raffel (New Jersey Jewish News)

May 29, 2019, Defining anti-Semitism:A conversation with Kenneth Stern on the Greatest Threats to the Jews, by Martin Raffel (New Jersey Jewish News)

May 5, 2019, Holocaust Remembrance Day Honors the Millions Lost (Spectrum News)

April 4, 2019 Inland Journal, Gonzaga Hate Studies Conference (Spokane Public Radio)

April 3, 2019 Gonzaga Hosts International Conference on Hate Studies (Spokane Public Radio)

February 20, 2019 How an Oscar Nominee Went From Chronicling Cory Booker to Nazis, And Back Again (Los Angeles Times, by John Anderson)

January 30, 2019 When Nazis Came To Madison Square Garden (Jewish Journal, by Kenneth Stern)

January 25, 2019 Twitter Joins World Jewish Congress to Raise Holocaust Awareness.

December 23, 2108 New Bard College Center Seeks to Study Hate, Bigotry (Daily Freeman)

December 9, 2018 The Relevance of the 1948 Genocide Convention Today (by Elizabeth Rosner and Kenneth Stern)

December 8, 2018 The End of Tolerance (In Psychology Today, by Pamela Paresky)

November 21, 2018 Kenneth Stern Talks about Bard Center for the Study of Hate (YouTube via Daily Freeman)

November 15, 2018 FBI Data Shows Plenty of Vandalism, Little Violence Against U.S. Jews (The Forward)

November 5, 2018 The Political Power of Hate (by Kenneth S. Stern in the Hannah Arendt Center blog)

November 5, 2018 After Pittsburgh, Jewish Groups’ First Fight Is Against BDS, Not White Nationalism (The Forward)

October 30, 2018 Kenneth Stern Named Director of Bard Center for the Study of Hate (Daily Freeman)

October 16, 2018 Bard College Creates Center for the Study of Hate (Daily Freeman)

Press Releases

September 12, 2023, Angéla Kóczé Receives 2023 Beth Rickey Award from the Bard Center for the Study of Hate

September 6, 2023, Bard Center for the Study of Hate Publishes Updated Measures of Hate By State in the U.S.

March 14, 2023, Bard Center for the Study of Hate Releases New Publication on the Economic Costs of Hate Crimes

September 12, 2022, Bard Center for the Study of Hate Announces Danielle Riou as Winner of the Beth Rickey Award

May 11, 2022, Bard Center for the Study of Hate Releases New Community Guide for Opposing Hate Cowritten by Western States Center and Montana Human Rights Network

March 10. 2022, Bard Center for Study of Hate Announces Affiliation with Nexus Task Force

September 13, 2021 New Study Published By the Bard Center for the Study of Hate Creates New Measure for the Study and Understanding of Hate in the United States

September 20, 2019 Bard College’s Center for the Study of Hate Receives Major Grant from GS Humane Corp.

March 16, 2019 Joint Statement By Academic Centers for the Study of Hate in the Aftermath of the Terror Attack in New Zealand

October 25, 2018 Bard College Names Kenneth S. Stern Director of Its New Center for the Study of Hate

October 15, 2018 Bard College Establishes Center for the Study of Hate