Hate Studies

Hate studies is defined as “Inquiries into the human capacity to define, and then dehumanize or demonize, an ‘other,’ and the processes which inform and give expression to, or can curtail, control, or combat, that capacity.”

BCSH Director Kenneth S. Stern describes the idea for an interdisciplinary field of hate studies here.

Hate-related courses taught at Bard College: Fall 2021 are here. Spring 2021 are here. Fall 2020 are here. Spring 2020 are here, Fall 2019 are here.

The Journal of Hate Studies, published by Gonzaga University, is here.

The Sixth International Hate Studies Conference (hosted by the Gonzaga Institute for Hate Studies) will be held November 4-6, 2021. Information here. STUDENTS CAN REGISTER AND ATTEND FOR FREE.

Other Hate Studies Centers and Institutes:

The Gonzaga Institute For Hate Studies

The International Network for Hate Studies

California State University at San Bernardino Center for The Study of Hate and Extremism

Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism (at University of Ontario Institute of Technology)