Past Intern Papers

Every summer since 2015, Bard students have participated in the Summer Internship Program and written papers (or in one case, made a film) about their experience, and how the organization with which they worked looked at hate. Here are the submissions from years past:



Olivia Donahue (placement with the Southern Poverty Law Center)

Katrina Gonzales (placement with the Center for Popular Democracy)

Miranda Kerrigan (placement with the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations)

Sabrina Slipchenko (from Bard Berlin- placement with the Syrian Archives)


Artun Ak (placement with the Montana Human Rights Network) 

Britt Shacham (placement with Women Wage Peace)



Nicholas Bader (placement with Connecticut Commission on Human Rights)

Erin Gifford (placement with Political Research Associates)

Mais Hriesh (placement with PEN America)

Katherine Hopper (placement with Montana Human Rights Network)



Christina Miliou-Theocharaki (placement with Human Rights First)

Rose Falvey (placement with the Southern Poverty Law Center)