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March 5, 2020 — Anna Rosmus, an author and researcher whose high school essay exposed the Nazi past of her home town, will speak about her research and experiences, the importance of historical truth, and the challenges of being labeled a traitor, following the showing of “The Nasty Girl,” a film based on Anna’s life.

November 14, 2019 — 5pm — RKC 103 – Bito ‘60 Auditorium — Matt Taibbi, Bard alum and author of Hate Inc.: How, and Why, the Media Makes Us Hate One Another

October 23, 2019 — 6pm — RKC 103 – Bito ‘60 Auditorium — Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist at New York University’s Stern School of Business and author of “The Coddling of The American Mind” and “The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion,” on “The three bad ideas that are weakening Gen Z (one of which fosters hate).”

October 21, 2019 — 5pm — Olin 102 — Marc Weitzmann, author of The Rising Tide of Antisemitism in France, speaking on: “French Cradle of the Global Hate: From Islamist Rage to Steven Bannon and Brenton Tarrent.”

September 26, 2019 — 5pm — Olin 102 — Dr. Richard Friedman, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College and Contributing Op-Ed writer for NYT,  on “The Neuroscience and Psychology of Hatred and Tribalism in America—and What to Do About It.”